The Return of the Bug Saturday 27th February

Dudley Bug Ball 2021

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DUDLEY BUG BALL 2021 - THE RETURN OF THE BUG SEASON TWO - EPISODE THREE - 27th February 2021 Originally conceived in 1995, the last Dudley Bug Ball was in 2002 and reached an attendance of 3,000 turnstile. On 23rd February 2019, the Dudley Bug Ball returned! What started as a friendly one-day games convention for tabletop role-playing games, board games, and miniature wargames, expanded to the full weekend in 2020. The global pandemic forced yet another change of format as the convention goes online! And this year it's totally free! We shall again be raising money for our chosen charity - Honeypots. In addition, we shall also be raising money for Behçet's UK. However, while would normally support these charities from the excess money raised, as this is not the case this year, we would ask that you still consider supporting the charities via direct donations. If you've not…

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