Gillian Pearce

Seen by Gillian Pearce at Tuesday 15:05

Gillian Pearce has been illustrating professionally both as an artist and cartographer for 24 years now and has numerous publishing credits for roleplaying game companies including Savage Mojo, Chaosium, Cubicle 7, Moon Design and Pelgrane Press as well as fiction credits in publications by companies that include Mercia Books.

She tends to use traditional media such as pen and ink and acrylics (paint and pencils) to create her artworks. Her website is and she can be found in person at conventions such as UK Games Expo dressed as a pirate- with a purple hat…unless she is wearing kitty ears. Gill loves cats, she has seven at the moment and has ambitions of becoming a crazy cat lady, indeed she might have achieved that goal already!

Darren Pearce

Darren W. Pearce is a British fantasy and sci-fi author, game designer, and has worked with the likes of Joe Dever, Cubicle 7, and is the lead writer on the Shaintar setting designed by Sean Patrick Fannon. 

He’s one of the Savage Mojo Family and wrote the Set Rising setting for Suzerain. He’s also a regular at the UK Games Expo. His work on the Core Box 11 for the Doctor Who RPG won him a Gold Ennie in 2013. He won an Epic E-Book Award 2011 (Best Anthology) for his anthology work on Bad A$$ Faeries 3.

He’s also worked on Dragon Kings, the spiritual successor to Dark Sun by Tim Brian Brown. Taking on the role of 13th Age lead writer, and working on the core book. He is currently the lead writer on Judge Dredd And the Worlds of 2000AD, the RPG developed and published by En Publishing.

Darren’s worked in roleplaying games since 2000, and hopes to carry on for a long time to come!

Claire Peacey

This will be Claire’s first time as a Guest Artist at DBB. Claire has a wide portfolio as a both a book cover artist but also artwork for RPGs (most recently the European Folklore Bestiary for Chivalry & Sorcery) and character artist.

Her website is here

Martin Hackett

Martin joins DBB as our Guest Author, Martin has many credits but gamers will know him from “Fantasy Wargaming”. Martin Hackett is well known throughout the military modelling and wargaming hobby and has had over eighty magazine articles published on battlefields and associated military topics, rule systems and wargames. He regularly gives displays of wargaming at major conventions.

Chivalry & Sorcery Design Team

Members of the design team for the new edition of Chivalry & Sorcery will be attending DBB including Design Head Steve Turner, Layout Guru Andy Cowley, Dave Blewitt and potentially others (to be confirmed).