Duggley the Dudley Bug is a strange creature from the mists of time, an Eternal Warrior who appears in many settings. His aspects are often suited to the current milieu but he always champions the weak. He gathers around him companions suited to the realm he finds himself in. He is known to have appeared in Caverns in his home town of Dudley (AD&D 2nd Ed) and also fighting alongside Knights (C&S). But he always appears in times of need,

The Dudley Bug even appeared for Mr Slayer in a more terrifying guise.

‘Heroes of BattleAxe Mountain’ was a syndicated TV show from 895-900sd. It was a Sasoran/New Parisian joint produced animated serial, depicting the dashing Lord Smite and how he and his brave cohorts protected BattleAxe Mountain from the Blighted Horde, led by Sir Slaughterhood.

Slaughterhood was full of nefarious schemes to take over the mountain, but all too often these plans were undone by his monstrous underlings, like Sickly Sid, DoomFang, and Dudley Bug.

Dudley was a popular character among the children of the time. He was originally called ‘Deadly Bug’ but once translated from Sasoran to Killan it was mispronounced ‘Dudley’.
Dudley Bug was a large blue/black insectoid character who served as the muscle for the villainous group. He was armed with a sword and shield, and his catch phrase was ‘Taste my blade!’

Heroes of BattleAxe Mountain only lasted two seasons, much to the dismay of its fervent and dedicated fan base. As such, the rather limited merchandise for HoBA continues to sell for considerable sums in the early 9th century.

Many Shivers living in the Bridgeheads grew up with the TV show, and have spent countless hours discussing their nostalgic memories of the cartoon. These Shivers spoke rather too passionately and loudly in a region well known for its high levels of Dream Entity activity.

‘Dudley Bug’ has since been appearing sporadically as a disturbing and outlandish guest on The Happy Campers TV show. Dudley looks like an exact replica of the plastic toy released in 889sd, only now he is 6 foot tall, and coated in peeling blue paint, seeping a strange grey ooze from his joints, and is considerably more violent than his cartoon depiction.
Dudley still utters his infamous catch phrase, only now it is little more than a gurgle. Newer sightings of this Dream Entity are showing large cracks appearing along his plastic carapace, and there are signs of an actual insect’s body underneath.
Dudley Bug is gradually evolving into a new monstrosity in Cannibal Sector 1, and soon all will taste his blade.