This is a list of games being planned to be run.


Sign up sheets for games will be available near the reception desk.

Chivalry and Sorcery

Brittannia Game Designs Ltd will be running demonstrations of their new 5th edition of Chivalry & Sorcery.

Pathfinder / Starfinder

There will be taster sessions of Pathfinder 1st edition, Starfinder  as well as Pathfinder 2nd edition playtests.

Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 4th Edition

A stand alone adventure with pregen characters by Andy Dudley.   Details TBC

Simon Burleys RPG Emporium

Saturday morning: Title: Babylon Recall – A Blakes Seven adventure An “adventure that never was”, based on the classic British TV Space Opera. The freedom fighting crew of the powerful, enigmatic, alien spaceship “Liberator” soon won’t be the only ones with access to the unbelievable technology of an ancient race. The idea of Ancient Martians has always been something of an urban legend. Now – it seems – all the stories may have been true. “Something” has been unearthed on Mars. A secret so powerful it threatens to tear The Federation apart with civil infighting, with the victor gaining the ability to grind the galaxy under their heel. (Probably the spiked, white, leather heel of Supreme Commander Servelan.) What’s needed is a brave, mad (suicidal) dash into Earth system – with its defence systems and fleets of Federation pursuit ships – to seize or destroy the enigmatic discovery from under the noses of the various Federation factions before it can foment a conflict that would envelop and kill millions of innocents. Seven against the Federation. What else is new? Play any character from any of the four seasons of the original series. What does it matter if Oleg Gan never met Del Tarrant? Jenna and Soolin would probably be fast friends! I’ve character details for all of them, but you’re free to amend them – if you think I’ve underestimated Blake’s leadership abilities – or design your own original Hero. Played using my own THE CODE OF THE SPACELANES rules. Just 2d6, frighteningly easy, fast and fun – with magic happening every time you roll a double. Tags: 1970s, BBC, Terry Nation, Perms, SciFi on a budget, The Dirty Dozen in space. Referee: Simon Burley Players: 2-6 (apparently the SPACESHIP counts as the 7th member of the team – go figure!) System: The Code of the Spacelanes Saturday afternoon: Title: Spiderbite System: The d6 Hack (D&D using only d6’s designed for beginners and sold as part of the “Role Play Relief” project in aid of Comic Relief 2019. Fast and furious, the simplest version of D&D you’ll ever play.) Referee: Simon Burley You have been employed by Gorling Grislgum, an ageing cleric, to explore an ancient tomb complex located somewhere in the tropical forests to the south of your country. For days your ship has been sailing up the Mosquito River. You passed the last mark of civilisation a week ago, a settlement 200 miles downriver. The jungle on either side of the shimmering river is unnaturally quiet, save for the occasional squawk of a brightly hued parrot or the tortured cries of monkeys. Sometimes at night a ghastly howl will break through the gloom and continue its sad ululation for minutes on end. The river-folk believe these to be the songs of departed souls, but Gorling maintains that they are merely the cries of a sloth. The ship is left anchored in midstream with a small crew while Gorling and yourselves row to the bank and disembark on what appear to be the lichen stained stones of an old wharf. This is a classic adventure from the early days of White Dwarf Magazine. It’s one of my favourite low level romps. Old School D&D Roleplaying at its finest! PERFECT for newcomers to the hobby. Saturday night: Flight into Oblivion The overnight flight from New York to Birmingham International is always a bit disconcerting. You board in the USA late at night, and doze off, only to wake two hours later to the light of dawn breaking across the UK. Your senses tell you it’s morning. Your body protests. You’re hardly in a fit state to face an experience so unexplained and mind-numbing that it rocks the very core of your existence……. A claustrophobic pyschological horror mystery. No tentacles (unless you bring your own.) In the vein of Constantine, The Ninth Gate, Source Code and The Langoliers. Played using my own Manifold multi-genre rules. But that’s pretty irrelevant – they’re easy enough to pick up and it’s the experience that makes this adventure so immersive. Low budget psychological stuff laced with black humour. Unsettling. Challenging. Mysterious and Fun.
Sunday Morning: Mates Against the Multiverse
a 13th Doctor Adventure
The Code of the Spacelanes So we all know what it’s been like watching the 13th Doctor, Derek, Ryan and Yaz strut their stuff on the small screen. But what’s it like to BE them? I’ve got stats for all four of the new main “Tardis Team” and options for up to two “guest stars”. If no-one has played it before, I’ll use my classic “All of Time and Space” adventure – which I’ve run dozens of times for hundreds of people over the past five years – as the backbone of the session. If anyone is familiar with that adventure, I’ll substitute one of my others “Worlds enough and Time” or “The Genre Bender”. The Code of the Spacelanes is 2d6, trindie, easy to learn, lots of opportunity for player agency, magic happens every time you roll a double.) Sunday Afternoon Title: The Great Martian Tripod Race System: The Code of Steam & Steel (2d6, trindie, easy to learn, lots of opportunity for player agency, magic happens every time you roll a double.) Genre: Steampunk Franklin is the first human competitor in tripod racing history, but his team has hit a few problems. His corporate sponsor is tied up in a hostile takeover bid, so the money has dried up. The Martian tripod racing clan is out to stop him, to keep tripod racing for Martians only. Who knows what dark deeds they will resort to? As the members of Franklin’s race team, can can you overcome all obstacles and get him to the start line? A game of Scientific Romance and Steampunk adventure, set on the Victorian colony of Mars. Original scenario by: Martin Pickett
Saturday Afternoon
The Beings from the Glass Sea
Jim Heru

3-6 players

Your home is the jungles of Loso, one of three flying islands that make up the post-futuristic world of Owre. Close to your peaceful treetop village is what the locals call ‘The Glass Sea.’ An immense black, smooth, crystal surface that stretches for miles. Word has it that strange, dark creatures have been spotted lurking around the edges. To protect your village, you must find out what these creatures are, and what their purpose is.

You are a team of curious Wenamin and Bronte. Set in the far distant future – 25,000 years to be exact. On a world not too dissimilar from the world of 5th Edition. The races have changed and the world has evolved.

You must uncover the mystery of the beings from The Glass Sea.

Mystery, Adult Themes, Science Fiction – Cyberpunk, Intrigue, Introduction, Rules-Lite, Semi-Serious Play, Pregens.

Saturday Evening
Jim Heru
3-6 players
It’s a warm summers night in the city of Nal-Tharim, light patters of rain glisten on the glowing, cyberpunk city. Your team of gamers has been invited to compete in the grand virtual tournament known as, PLUSPLUSX. A game based solely in the virtual world of NETplus: a dangerous world of a deep psychological interface not too dissimilar to The Matrix: if you die in the game, you die in real life. The risk is great, the acclaim is greater. Will you risk it all to push the boundaries of the rules, or will you play it safe, stay alive and win at one of the most prestigious tournaments on Owre. Mystery, Adult Themes, Science Fiction – Cyberpunk, Intrigue, Introduction, Rules-Lite, Semi-Serious Play, Pregens.
Saturday Evening
The Man in the High Castle 
Call of Cthulhu
Kevin Dearn
It is the 1960s. The King in Yellow manifested during the Second World War. The war never ended, it just fizzled out as the will to continue waging it waned on both sides of the conflict. The world has changed little in the interim, except for a global slow decline.
A group of friends gather for a party, to have fun, enjoy each other’s company and forget about each other’s troubles for a short while. What is the story with the banned book The Man in the High Castle? Why have some of the player character received a copy through the post?
Throughout the weekend
Plüsch, Power und Plunder lucky dip
From Chris Dieck using the German Plüsch, Power und Plunder RPG
Scenario Description:
Ever wondered what it’s like to be a cuddly toy come to life in a world made by Tramplers for Tramplers?  You’re a foot (or less) tall, made of flammable material, the small ones drag you through the dirt and drool on you, the large ones would probably vivisect you if they knew you were alive.  Sucks, huh? Still gotta make a living somehow despite all that. Sign up and find out.

NEW for 2020: Find out what is going on in The Village of the Plushies Save Steve, the blue rabbit from an uncertain fate in Come fly with me,  Escape from maddening Christmas jingles in Big Trouble in Big Shop Survive the dastardly Lair of Dr Frankenswine Find out why detergents are bad in Plush, Drugs and Rock ‘n Roll. Discover the truth behind the Trampler in red and white they call “Santa” in A Very Plushy Christmas.

Or just see just how much fun and mayhem can be wrought by adorable critters a foot high.  Which scenario we play depends on who shows up and what they have played before or we can just sandbox, which makes my life easy, but fun will be had by all. No two games are ever the same. Already played all the scenarios? Come back and experience them a completely different way.


Other RPGS

There will be other games available throughout the day and these can be found at the sign up sheet table near the reception desk.  Anyone wishing to have a game announced prior to the event please email DudleyBugBall@gmail,com



We are pleased to announce that our Asmodee will be attending DBB  running board games for us throughout the weekend.