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  1. Have you ever heard about Tabletop Role Playing Games (RPGs), like Dungeons & Dragons, and wondered what they’re all about?

    Good news! We’re pleased to announce that Simon Burley is coming to Dudley Bug Ball. Simon is probably still best known for creating and co-authoring Britain’s first Superhero RPG – Golden Heroes (Games Workshop 1984) – which pioneered many of the rules RPG gamers now take for granted.

    Since then Simon has been active in the hobby as player, referee, writer, editor, publisher, mentor and advocate. He has written and published a wide portfolio of games – Squadron UK, Squadron: X, The Comics Code, The Code of the Spacelanes, The Code of Steam and Steel, The Super Hack. He is also known for visiting and refereeing games at more RPG conventions than anyone else in the country and has published a convention guide based upon these visits – Conventional Thinking Volumes 1&2.

    Simons’ big project for 2019 is visiting all sorts of genre conventions, as well as those dedicated to gaming. Science Fiction, Anime, Comic, TV conventions. He is spreading the good news of the wonderful hobby of tabletop Roleplaying through short, fun, demonstration games in a range of genres using his “Choose Your Advenure” set-up.

    So if you’ve never played a tabletop RPG before – and want to find out what it’s all about – or you’re just looking for a fun game with an expert referee, just rock up to Simon’s table and choose one.

    Swords & Sorcery, Dungeons and Dagons, Superheroes, SteamPunk, SciFi, Star Wars, Dr Who, Firefly, Gothic Horror and more. You name it and Simon’s got an Adventure waiting for you. Give him and hour and he’ll give you the Universe!

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